UPDATE (5/21/15): Read the latest about the 2015 postage increase. The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently announced that a January 2015 price increase on postage will be postponed. According to an Industry Alert issued by USPS on October 1, current postage rates will remain in effect through early 2015. The postponement is the result

The cost associated with selling to an established customer is usually much lower than that of selling to a first-time customer. So, while direct mail is a powerful tool for acquiring customers, it’s important not to overlook its ability to build customer loyalty. Direct mail marketing strategies for building customer loyalty “Loyalty,” the umbrella term

Personalized mail not only helps build customer loyalty, but typically outperforms its generic counterparts. Traditional methods of personalizing mail still work today. Addressing a recipient by name makes a better impression than simply referring to someone as “friend” or “current resident.” Likewise, you’ll score points by handwriting addresses, signing letters in blue ink and using

  Do you know what your company’s brand is? A brand is more than a logo, symbol, slogan or color combo, although all of these elements can help communicate your message. Think of it as a pledge: This is what customers can consistently expect from my company and its products or services. Four easy questions

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