Your data is safe with us!

Your customers and donors trust you to keep their personal data secure, and you pass that trust on to us. To earn and keep that trust, we take compliance and security seriously. How seriously? See for yourself. We’ve listed our credentials and facility security measures below.

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The SOC audit ensures that we have controls and processes in place to safeguard our equipment and your data. This annual audit looks at
 Security                Process integrity
 Availability           Confidentiality

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The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) performs periodic exams regarding physical and electronic data security. The FFIEC creates principles, standards, and report forms for federal exams of banks and credit unions by agencies such as the FDIC and NCUA.



EYR staff attends annual HIPAA and HITECH training that focuses on the steps necessary to protect sensitive personal and medical data specifically defined by the HIPAA and HITECH laws.

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Our facilities are protected by multi-level security checkpoints and 24-hour closed circuit surveillance. Sensitive areas utilize card scanners, and only authorized, security-cleared personnel may obtain access. Additionally, we require all visitors to check in and be escorted by an EYR employee at all times.

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Extend Your Reach uses state-of-the-art encryption technology, SSL certificates, and a three-tiered firewall for data protection. We also strictly adhere to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Fair Credit Reporting Acts. So your data is in good hands.

fingerprint representing employee screening


EYR uses a strict set of criteria to screen all new hires. These include:

  1. SSN verification & address history
  2. 7-year US criminal database search
  3. 7-year county courthouse search
  4. National sex offender registry check

The county courthouse search looks for felonies and misdemeanors in the last three counties of residence.

quality control knob turned to high

Our DRS is integral to the quality of our print and mail services by quickly identifying doubles, missing documents, or insertion errors without compromising the production process. A 2D bar codes ensure a match between all parts of a mailing, including the envelope, and provides data for audit and tracking reports. So you can rest assured; mail does not leave our facility until all pieces are accounted for.

We practice what we preach. In addition to generator backups, we have a business continuity plan. So, if our services fail, your project won’t.

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