Become a Jedi Master of Direct Mail You Will

Sometimes it can seem almost impossible to reach potential customers. Email? Tried it. Cold calling? Didn’t work. Even simple direct mail can be hit or miss — especially with some people still working from home. So how do you avoid the Dark Side and find ways to reach new customers? Use the Force — of creative communication tools — to become a Jedi Master of direct mail.



We know, you hear the words “die cut” or custom folds and you start seeing dollar signs. Yes, these options can be a little more expensive than a standard postcard or invitation. But they also offer the option to truly customize your direct mail piece and to tell a story before the recipient even begins to read the copy. And if you spread out the cost across the entire mailing, sometimes it only adds pennies to the per-piece cost. PLUS — recipients process images much faster than written words, so adding dimensionality and shape can increase response rates and return on investment. In fact, some reports show that die-cut direct mail can boost response rates by 300%!



Variable data printing (VDP) can include more than just changing out names and text blocks. Let the Force flow through you and think bigger. Change images, colors, offers, entire pages … pretty much whatever you want. VDP allows for more relevant, one-to-one communication, increasing the likelihood of higher response and conversion rates. Combine die cuts or unexpected folds with VDP and you’re well on your way to defeating the Dark Side.



From touch, to temperature, to moisture-reactive, thermochromic inks help you stand out from the crowd. These inks get the recipient to interact with your direct mail. For example, a college situated on large river used moisture-reactive inks on a direct mail piece to prospective freshmen. At first glance the postcard looked like any other postcard and included information about its beautiful campus on the river. It also included directions to wet the surface of the card, which activated the moisture-reactive ink — exposing a whole new message and reinforcing that the college is always looking for new ways for students to grow and learn. Return on investment for this piece was amazing!



Including augmented reality (AR) on social apps is getting more common every day. But did you know you can incorporate AR into direct mail marketing? Including AR — such as virtual try-ons or AR videos — turns a standard direct mail piece into a dynamic digital experience. It’s as easy as including a QR code on your direct mail piece, which when scanned, superimposes a video or 3D image on top of the direct mail piece and drives engagement with the recipient. Plus, AR provides real-time, trackable data for your organization to help drive future marketing decisions.


We know reaching potential customers is hard. If you follow our advice, and let the Force guide you, you’ll see improved engagement and return on investment. Extend Your Reach would be happy to help you on your journey to becoming a Jedi Master of direct mail.



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