Statement Processing FAQ

Do you offer e-statements or only printed statements?

Extend Your Reach (EYR) offers both print and electronic statements (PDFs). Most of the process is the same for either output format. First, you upload your data. Then our experienced team processes and merges your data into your custom statement design. Finally, we generate individual PDFs, making sure to apply any requested naming protocols. We’ll even create variable data emails to let your customers know a new statement has been added to their account.


How long have you been providing statement processing services?

EYR has been perfecting our statement processing workflow for nearly 40 years. Today we process and mail 2.5 million statements every month for a wide array of customers.


Is our data safe at Extend Your Reach?

EYR understands the importance of data security, and we take pride in our security credentials. We’re SOC audited, HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and FFIEC regulated. Our facilities have multi-level security points, 24-hour closed circuit surveillance, and card scanner access into sensitive areas.

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What types of companies do you process statements for?

EYR delivers quality, custom solutions for businesses, banks, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. The Federal government, the State of Michigan, and several municipalities have trusted us for decades with printing, project management, statement processing, and mailing services.


What types of statements do you handle?

Due to the wide array of organizations we work with, EYR handles all types of statements including:

•  Financial Documents
•  Tax Statements
•  Healthcare Statements
•  Explanation of Benefits
•  Utility Bills
•  Municipal Bills & Documents


Do you offer custom statement designs, or do I have to pick from a set of pre-designed templates?

EYR knows how important your brand and your customers are, so we customize your statements for your specific communication needs. If you’re printing color statements, we’ll incorporate your brand colors. Our in-house designer has more than 20 years of experience creating clean, easy-to-follow documents — reducing calls to your customer service line or in-person questions.


What types of data files do you accept?

If your data can be uploaded in a text-based file format, we can work with it, but some forms are easier to work with than others. Our preferred data file formats include: CVS, XML, Text-searchable PDF, and JSON. We clean your data and make sure it’s up-to-date: removing duplicates, running addresses through the USPS database, and prepping the file to be merged with your statement.


How do you handle quality control?

Your printed statements are in good hands at EYR. We’ve been perfecting our statement processing workflow for nearly 40 years. Our Document Reliability System is key to ensuring quality in the print and mail process. It quickly identifies missing documents or insertion errors mid-stream, without compromising the production process or audit trail. Mail does not leave our facility until all mail pieces are accounted for.


What’s your turnaround time like?

EYR offers a range of turn times to meet our clients’ needs. Once we have a good idea of the complexity, size, and frequency of your statements, we can present a range of timing options.


Is any part of the process outsourced?

All statement processing work is handled in-house — from data processing to dropping at the post office. However, for transparency, we do purchase printed envelopes and pre-printed statement shells, if doing so is more economical for our clients. EYR offers high-speed printing in black or full color, custom form design, and full mailing services. Also, if you prefer to provide us with pre-processed PDFs, EYR can process the mailing to USPS specifications. And by pre-sorting your statements prior to production, we might even save you money on postage.




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