First Class postage rate increase coming in April, Standard Mail rates still uncertain

UPDATE (3/24/15): Postage rates for Standard Mail, periodicals and package services remain uncertain after the Postal Regulatory Commission returned a second proposal from the Postal Service last Wednesday. Per Order No. 2378, the USPS resubmitted their proposal for approval by the PRC on March 12. For the second time in the case, the PRC remanded the proposal to USPS, claiming that the agency has failed to demonstrate that the proposed rates comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

UPDATE (3/11/15): On March 6, the PRC ruled that proposed rate changes to Standard Mail, periodicals and package services do not comply with regulations. The proposed rate adjustments have been returned to the Postal Service for review. USPS must file its amended notice with the PRC no later than March 12 to ensure that new rates can be reviewed and implemented on April 26.

USPS logoMark your calendar for April 26, 2015.

That’s when a postage rate increase on First-Class and international Mail will take effect.

USPS filed a proposal for the price adjustment in January and on February 24, 2015, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) issued an order approving the adjustment for First Class and international mail.

The rate increase for First-Class Mail (letters) will vary, but the average adjustment will be about $0.01. The Postal Service will maintain the price of the First-Class stamp at $0.49 (including the Forever Stamp).

You can read the full Industry Alert from the US Postal Service here.

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