While everything we do is tailored to each client, there are certain elements you can expect to see in every project we touch. Our team – from leadership to our production staff – is driven by a common mission, vision, and set of core values.

To deliver communication solutions and inspire creative conversations. Through human interaction, we will nurture the growth of our employees, our clients, and the people they serve.

What it means for you:
Our top priority is to help create marketing plans/pieces that build real, human connections with your audience. The goal isn’t just to blast them with your message, but to inspire your audience to allow your brand into their lives, as they would a friend.

To lead the revolution of human-to-human interaction.

What it means for you:
When we say human-to-human, we’re not suggesting an alternative to human-to-canine. What we’re really talking about is doing away with labels like B2B and B2C, because we know that every business or consumer base is made up of, well, humans. We believe that by focusing on the human at the other end of everything we do, we can help you boost business – and ultimately change the way other businesses think about their marketing communications.

Mission & Vision at EYR
Integrity at EYR


Also known as honesty, good character, and trustworthiness. As partners to our clients, we will do all things with integrity, without question.

Respect at EYR


Recognizing that respect is a decision, we will choose to treat our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves with respect each and every day. Through mutual respect, we will create trust and build lasting relationships.

Innovation at EYR


As we serve our clients and build our business, we will always be on the lookout for new ideas and creative solutions to the toughest challenges. We will not be afraid to ask “What if…?” – keeping in mind that the only failure is to do nothing at all.

Quality at EYR


We will create work that we are proud of, for ourselves and our clients. We will never settle for service or products that are less than outstanding.

Wellness at EYR


We can only do our best work when we are well – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Together, we will focus on building our best selves, by encouraging one another, seeking out opportunities for healthier living, and investing in our employees’ well-being.

We’ve been a part of the Grand Rapids and Lansing communities for 35+ years. In our time, we’ve had the opportunity to work with organizations who are making a difference in our communities in many different ways – from serving the underprivileged to providing quality healthcare services to creating a space for the arts. And we’ve seen what their work can do. That’s why giving back is a part of our business.

To help nonprofits like yours further your mission, we often provide in-kind services, including design and print – all we ask is sponsor recognition in return. If you work with or for a nonprofit organization, let’s talk.

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