How we do business matters to us

While everything we do is tailored to each individual client, our entire team — from leadership through production staff — is driven by our mission, our vision, and a common set of core values.


To deliver communication solutions that inspire action.


To lead the revolution of human-to-human communication.

What does this mean for you?

When we say human-to-human, we’re talking about doing away with labels like B2B or B2C. Every business or consumer base is made up of humans; and we believe that focusing on the actual human at the other end of the statement… or mail piece… or message will help boost your business. And maybe, just maybe, ultimately it will change the way other businesses think about their messages too. How cool would that be?

Our Core Values


Also known as honesty, good character, and trustworthiness. As your partner, integrity will be the foundation of everything we do. You can count on it.


Respect is a decision, and every day we choose to treat our clients, colleagues, and ourselves with respect — creating trust and building lasting relationships.


We are always looking for new ideas and creative solutions to the toughest challenges. We ask “What if …?” because different perspectives lead to innovation.


We will create work that we are proud of, for ourselves and our clients. We’ll never settle for service or products that are less than outstanding.


Physical, mental, and emotional heath are vital to doing our best work. We’ll encourage one another to be our best selves and live healthier lives.

Giving Back

The Lansing and greater Grand Rapids communities have been good to us for nearly 40 years. In that time we’ve had the opportunity to work with organizations who are making positive change happen — from serving the underprivileged to providing quality healthcare services to creating space for the arts. We’ve seen what their work can do. And that’s why giving back is so important to us. To help nonprofits like yours further your mission, we can offer reduced rates for some of our services. If you work with or for a nonprofit organization, let’s talk.

person holding up a heart for giving back

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