COVID-19 UPDATE As a vendor/supplier of an "Essential Business or Operation" within the scope of Governor Whitmer's Executive Order, EYR is continuing to operate with essential staff. All non-essential staff are working remotely and all on-site staff are adhering to our company-wide social distancing and cleaning policies. Slide Disaster Recovery image of business boy needing help When disaster strikes Our mail and print services are tested and ready for when you experience a natural disaster – or any other type of – unplanned downtime. You can be confident that your critical documents will go out when your customers need to receive them. Count on us for
disaster recovery!
Slide Statement processing: simplified From data management and document design to printing and mailing, we do it all when it comes to statement processing – so you don’t have to. Learn more about statement processing Results-driven marketing that just makes sense We’re not about “wow” factor or shiny new things. What matters to us? Helping you create campaigns that get results. Find out how we get results

Slide COVID-19 UPDATE As a vendor/supplier of an
"Essential Business or Operation"
as defined by Governor Whitmer's
Executive Order, EYR is continuing
to operate with essential staff.
Slide Disaster recovery image of business boy calling for help Disaster recovery that works as hard as you do LEARN MORE Slide Statement processing: simplified LEARN MORE Slide Results-driven marketing that makes sense LEARN MORE

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disaster recovery

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We’ve come a long way since our founding in 1982, always driven by the desire to serve our clients. Today, we’re using that experience to help change the way organizations like yours think about (and execute) marketing and communications.

It seems that all the news about coronavirus lately is discouraging. Daily new cases and the 7-day average positivity...
News on Michigan’s coronavirus front has been scarce since the MI supreme court ruling and subsequent MDHHS health safety...
In an unexpected turn of events, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled on Friday that Governor Whitmer did not have...

You hold your data close; so do we. The security of your clients’ private information is a top priority, which is why we abide by a strict set of security standards:

You know how letters after a name make that person seem super important? Well, here’s our alphabet soup: Extend Your Reach, SOC II Type 2, FFIEC, HIPAA, HITECH. Impressed yet? If not (we don’t take it personally), find out what those letters mean.
At the risk of sounding unwelcoming, we have a pretty tough standard for even entering our buildings. Our facilities are protected by 24-hour closed circuit surveillance and card scanner access into sensitive areas. All visitors must check-in, plus each new employee goes through a comprehensive screening process at the time of hire. See all our security measures.
We’re all human here, which means there is always potential for errors. But since you rely on us to get things right, we have processes in place to reduce the risk for error – including quality control processes and mutual backups between our two facilities. Read about our quality control and contingency standards.
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