Last summer the metric everyone was watching—positivity rate. That’s because a positivity rate below 3% shows we have the infection rates under control. Then fall hit and positivity rates began climbing again. We are very happy to report that, as of Wednesday, the seven-day average positivity rate is down below 4%, the lowest since the

Sometimes we like sounding like a broken record, and this is one of those times. Michigan’s COVID-19 metrics continue to improve. Daily cases have plateaued, hospitalizations continue to decline, and deaths are slowing. Last Tuesday’s positivity rate stood at 6.45%, and this Wednesday’s rate was down to 4.48%. All of this is great news! While

Michigan COIVD-19 metrics continue to improve. Tuesday’s positivity rate was 6.45%, down slightly from last week—even with the average daily number of tests up 11,900 over last week. Also, last week’s 7-day average for daily cases was 2,350, and this week we’re sitting at 1,653 so far. All other metrics are showing similar positive trends;

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