What makes a mail company start calling itself
a marketing company after 30 years?


What makes a mail company start calling itself a marketing company after 30 years?

Trust us, this is no identity crisis.

When Extend Your Reach was founded in 1982, our name was Presort Services, Inc. and our sole service was picking up and – you guessed it – presorting mail.


Evolution is in our history

Over time, Reach founder Jay Gillotte realized we could help our clients further by not just sorting their mail, but printing it in-house, too. So we started to provide print services, producing both marketing pieces and statements.

Our evolution didn’t stop there, though. Soon, we found that we could also help clients design effective and attention-grabbing pieces, drawing from our years of experience and knowledge of USPS requirements. So we began to offer full direct mail and statement processing services.

Then, realizing that no direct mail piece should stand on its own, we set out to help our clients create integrated marketing campaigns tailored to their objectives and audiences. So we became a marketing company.

Fast forward to 2014, when it became apparent that the name “Presort Services, Inc.” just didn’t tell the whole story. So we rebranded ourselves and changed our name to Extend Your Reach.

In 2015, we won the USPS Mail Technology Award for a campaign that creatively combined direct mail and digital marketing – and improved our client’s response rate by 600%. That’s when we knew we were on the right track.

History of Extend Your Reach

Traditional, with a twist

Today, we offer the full range of marketing services – strategy, planning, creative, production, and execution.

We draw from our years of practical experience to create campaigns that make sense for each client. We combine our passion, creativity, and marketing know-how to find solutions to your toughest communication challenges.

But our mission doesn’t stop there.

Inspiring creative conversations

The world today is filled with, frankly, terrible communication: marketing messages created for segments, rather than humans; offers that simply aren’t relevant to the intended audience; and so, so much clickbait.

That terrible communication is what drives our vision: to lead the revolution in human-to human interaction. It may sound a little daunting, but it really means that we’ll help organizations like yours rethink how you share your messages with your audience – taking the one-to-many approach and transforming it into one-to-one.

How will we do it? By delivering solutions that inspire creative conversations between you and your audience. And by living out the core values that guide us with each new project: integrity, respect, innovation, quality, and wellness.

What do you say? Are you with us?

Mission & Vision


To deliver communication solutions and inspire creative conversations. Through human-to-human interaction, we will nurture the growth of our employees, our clients, and the people they serve.


To lead the revolution of human-to-human interaction.

Enough about us.
Let's talk about you!

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