Copywriting and design created to inspire action

The best creative (written copy and design) is the stuff* that captures attention, sticks with people, and – most importantly – inspires them
to do something.

We offer creative services on a project-by-project basis, as part of a marketing plan, or through a creative retainer. And we work with organizations of all sizes, whether you need us to play the role of your in-house creative team or simply act as an extension of it.

*Note our poetic use of the word “stuff” above. How could you not trust us with your brand?

Our creative retainer is a great option for organizations with small or non-existent marketing teams, who have limited time and resources for writing and design. (Read: if you’ve created more than one flyer in Microsoft Publisher or Word, we’re talking about you.) You’ll get a set number of design and/or writing hours each month at a discounted rate.

Whatever your project, we’ll approach the creative strategically, by looking at your brand and the message you want to communicate. We’ll work with you to determine each of the following:

  1. What are your brand standards? e.g. logo usage, colors, acceptable design elements, word choice?
  2. Who is your audience?
  3. What is the message you’re trying to send?
  4. What tone should the piece have?
  5. What do you want people do with it?

Then the magic happens. We’ll consider every aspect of the design and bring your ideas to life, whether in print or online. With each design, you’ll have the opportunity to approve or make changes – and you’ll always have the final say before a piece goes live.

Annual Reports

Brand Identity
& Style Guides


Email Design

Event Marketing
Invitation suite, programs,
sponsorship materials

Landing Pages
& Blogs

A couple things you should know before we get started:

  1. We understand the work that has gone into creating your brand, and so we’ll always do everything we can to work within your brand standards. Believe us, we hold our own brand equally as sacred.
  2. Not to brag, but our creative team has more than 35 years of combined experience. (Scratch that, this definitely calls for bragging: That’s longer than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been around collectively.)

“[The Extend Your Reach] team demonstrates great attention to detail, cares for each client, and is always looking out for our best interest. I would recommend EYR to any organization looking for a partner for design services.”

Marketing Director
Canadian Lakes Property Owners Corporation

“The team at Extend Your Reach is fantastic… They get the job done with minimal direction. Their design work is top-notch and they deliver exactly what we are looking for. I’ve utilized Extend Your Reach many times in different facets of my professional career and will continue to do so!”

Seller’s Agent
Lucas Howard Group

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