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By Don Fare, Account Executive The United States established a permanent depository for overseas mail as early as 1775, when Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first Postmaster General under the Continental Congress. The first letters delivered in America helped earlier settlers connect, and stay connected with, family members that often lived hundreds of miles

We’re used to hearing that direct mail is dead, but with a recent article that calls for traditional marketers to retire, we feel the need to speak up. In an article published earlier this month on, contributor Beth Romelus made the claim that traditional marketers should retire in the face of technology and rising

A school district in Wisconsin learned a tough lesson about direct mail recently: Don’t skimp when it comes to your list. When the Milton School District tried to use direct mail to send surveys to all residents within the district boundaries, their initial mailing missed more than 2300 homes. What went wrong? The school district

Extend Your Reach created an award-winning campaign that paired direct mail and technology. This case study is an overview of what went into the campaign. Extend Your Reach is honored to be a recipient of the 2015 Mail Technology award from the United States Postal Service. The award recognized 20 companies throughout the nation who

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