Just like a go-to, comfy t-shirt or a favorite pair of sweatpants, graphic designers come in all shapes and sizes. The question is … how can you tell the difference between a designer who’ll get the job done and one that will make your project, and brand, shine? Throughout my career I’ve been on all

Happy summer, dear readers! In case you missed all the tweets, Facebook posts, and promotional emails, yesterday marked the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere – an opportunity for marketers of every kind. (Hopefully you got a great deal on that pool float you’ve had your eye on for a while now…) Anyway, while the

Are you ready for a HOT weekend ahead? Time to pull out the pool float and the frozen margaritas. It’s been a busy and exciting week for us here at EYR. We’ve made new connections and had some great meetings. Oh, and we’re rounding out an excellent week with a solid roundup of Our Favorite

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