Our favorite headlines this week: October 16-20

Friday is upon us again, and we’re wrapping this week up with a quick version of Our Favorite Headlines.

This week’s roundup includes more evidence in the case for direct mail, some unexpected tips for better focus, and some great news about the health benefits of walking. Plus, we’re sharing a bonus article: a message from our CEO, Jay Gillotte.

Check out Our Favorite Headlines below!


How Chief Marketing Officers Can Innovate With Direct Mail

The Takeaway: If we haven’t given you enough reason to consider integrating direct mail into your marketing mix, here’s more evidence that “snail mail” is here to stay – and more effective than ever before. We don’t need to add much to this one, so we’ll just leave it riiiight here.


Why You Can Focus in a Coffee Shop but Not in Your Open Office

The Takeaway: If you’re trying to work out a tough problem or come up with an innovative idea, it may be worth it to get a change of scenery and move to a spot with some ambient noise. Second, it seems the practical tip at the end is a bit different than you might expect: Instead of seeking out a silent place to work, try finding a place where you can eliminate interruptions. That might mean moving to a hotel office away from your team for short periods. Or maybe it means taking your work to the nearest coffee shop for half a day. Everyone is different, so try experimenting to see what works for you.


Study: Even a Little Walking May Help You Live Longer

The Takeaway: So you’re telling me 20 minutes of walking per day can help me increase my health and decrease my mortality risk? Sign me up!

Sure, it can be tough to get out for a walk every single day (especially during fall and winter in Michigan,) but the key takeaway here is that SOME is better than none. If you don’t already have an exercise regimen, start slowly by going for a few walks a week. Then slowly increase your frequency and pace, with the goal of getting to at least 150 minutes per week. It’s not a huge time commitment, plus it will give you the chance to check out your neighborhood, local parks, or even a downtown area. Even better, make plans to walk with a friend, or start a neighborhood walking group.


BONUS: An Important Message from Jay Gillotte, Owner & CEO of Extend Your Reach

The Takeaway: We’re including this here a bit selfishly, in case you missed it earlier this week. The most important takeaway: Some changes are a’coming to EYR, but we are most definitely here to stay. If you’re not sure what’s going on, check out Jay’s message.


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