Our favorite headlines this week: April 23-27

Whoa. Does anyone else feel like this week blew by? We’re not complaining, especially because that means it’s already time for our weekly roundup!

In this week’s edition of Our Favorite Headlines, we’re bringing you a mix of marketing lessons, self-improvement, and a little best-of list to help you stay organized.

Let’s just get right to it, shall we?


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How Frontier Communications Added $4 Million in Revenue With Direct Mail

The Takeaway: The point of this article isn’t so much about proving the effectiveness of direct mail (because we all already know that direct mail works). Instead, it’s a lesson about how to do direct mail right. We may not all have access to the same amount of data as Frontier Communications, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply the same method they used to boost response rates: really freaking good segmentation.

Think creatively about how you can segment your list using the data you have. Can you identify a group of customers who are motivated by the same buying concerns? Can you identify which of your prospects are also being courted by your competitors? It may require some extra work up front, but segmenting can help you create a message that truly motivates your customers.


8 Takeaways and Predictions from the Latest Email Marketing Research

The Takeaway: It’s okay if delving deep into marketing research isn’t your ideal way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon – just be sure to save this one for later. If you use email marketing in any capacity, you’ll find something you can (and should) apply from this summary of two major reports on email marketing.


10 Things You Need To Give Up If You Want To Be Exceptionally Successful

The Takeaway: If you ask everyone in the business world about their number-one goal, our guess is that most people would say “to be successful.” And while that success will look different for each and every person, the steps we must take for true success will end up looking oddly similar – including the baggage we have to shed.


The best notebooks you can buy

The Takeaway: Lefties of the world, REJOICE! Finally, a notebook that doesn’t smudge, cramp your style with that pesky binding, or leave you feeling silly with permanent ink spot on your pinky.

This list is excellent for marketers/professionals – southpaws or otherwise – who like to keep things organized, have a place to jot down ideas, or doodle. Take note. (Pun definitely intended.)



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