Our favorite headlines this week: June 4-8

Hello Friday, old friend.

This past week has been punctuated with many different types of headlines: some terribly sad, some scary, and some happy.

We hope you’ll classify this week’s edition of Our Favorite Headlines as inspiring – or, more simply, just good. We’re covering a few different topics this week, ranging from how direct-to-consumer brands are shifting their ad dollars to an exciting new initiative for young people in Grand Rapids.

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Pivot to traditional: Direct-to-consumer brands sour on Facebook ads

The Takeaway: Brands shifting their marketing dollars away from digital to traditional tactics? Who could have predicted that? Snark aside, the biggest takeaway from this Digiday article isn’t that you should dump your entire marketing budget into print; it’s quite the opposite, in fact. Our key lesson here is that your marketing efforts should be diverse, just like your retirement portfolio.

This article brings to mind the old adage, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” If you’re focusing the bulk of your marketing efforts on one medium or platform, the slightest change to that platform (e.g. a new algorithm) can destroy your entire plan. With a diverse marketing plan, you’ll be better able to your audience wherever they are, AND you’ll be less susceptible to platform-specific changes. It’s science.

[Editor’s note: It’s more like economics, which is kind of a science… Right?]


The health benefits of a colorful life

The Takeaway: It’s impossible to deny that color plays a huge role in our lives. Colors tell us whether it’s safe to pass through an intersection, help us express our individuality as people and brands, and even have the power to change our mood. This article is an intriguing and in-depth look at each of the colors, and their impact on humans throughout history and today.


5 Proven Ways Good Design Can Improve Your Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

The Takeaway: Good design isn’t just about making something visually appealing. Rather, it also means establishing a clear identity, creating a layout that’s easy to follow and understand, and using graphics to help viewers identify and retain the most important information.

In these ways, design can ultimately play an important role in the customer experience you deliver. So remember these five points if you ever find yourself doubting that it’s worth it to invest in a solid graphic designer or design team. The best designers are those who can balance creativity with practicality, focusing on the message, the medium, and the intended audience.


Youth team up to solve community issues

The Takeaway: We know this has nothing to do with marketing, business, or wellness, but it’s too cool not to share. We’ll be following #grsummerproject and wanted to give you the chance to do so, too. We can’t wait to see what creative solutions Grand Rapids kids will come up with for some of our toughest community issues.


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