Our favorite headlines this week: May 28 – June 1

Can you believe that it’s June already?! Seriously, it feels like we just rang in the new year last week.

I guess it’s true what Ferris Bueller had to say so many years ago: “Life moves pretty fast…”

We had a solid list of articles queued up to share with you last week, but decided at the last minute to keep things light before the long Memorial Day weekend. That’s why we’re bringing you a very special roundup for this week: Our Favorite Headlines this Week (Which Are Actually from Last Week).

Check them out below! And, as always, feel free to send any articles you find interesting our way. We’re always on the lookout for relevant, helpful, and inspiring content to share each week.


Brand Love Is Bullsh*t… So Now What Do We Do? Five Things.

The Takeaway: Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but there is certainly some truth to what MarketingProfs contributor John Miller has to say. Consumers are a fickle bunch, and the notion that they’ll stick with one brand purely out of loyalty is, to put it more mildly, a bit of a fairy tale. Now, it’s important to note that this isn’t meant to minimize the importance of branding – having a clear, consistent, and likeable brand will certainly help ensure that customers want to do business with you. Just keep in mind that consumers are never truly won over; you have to keep providing value to keep them coming back.


How Our Hotel Chain Uses Data to Find Problems and Humans to Fix Them

The Takeaway: Speaking of providing value, here is an excellent case study of one organization that figured out an effective way to do so. What we love about this story is that it pairs data, which is decidedly cold and non-human, with the creativity and warmth that only humans can provide. Just like direct mail and digital work better together, so too do data and human creativity.


Infographic: Why ‘Transformists’ Are the Demographic Brands Should Be Targeting

The Takeaway: When we talk to clients about marketing to Millennials, we always lead with a disclaimer that targeting by generation doesn’t necessarily make for good segmentation. Instead, marketers like you would be better served to target your marketing strategy, tactics, and messaging at groups of like-minded people across generations. The ‘Transformists’ are one such group: their habits (like technology-use), worldview, and motivations make them a key group for brands to win over.


19 Incredibly Useful Websites You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

The Takeaway: This is another one to bookmark for later. We’ve all seen how the World Wide Web can be a scary place, but we also know that the internet is an amazing tool for connecting people and helping us continually learn and develop our skills. If you want to be a lifelong learner, take some time to check out each of these 19 websites.


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