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The United States Postal Service (USPS) will be moving forward with another round of rate increases for all services on July 9th, 2023 (with the exception of Priority Mail Express & Priority Mail Commercial). This means that First-Class, Standard/Marketing, & Non-Profit mail will see per-piece rates increase. SELECT RATES FOR FIRST-CLASS MAIL® July 2023 RATES

Do you offer e-statements or only printed statements? Extend Your Reach (EYR) offers both print and electronic statements (PDFs). Most of the process is the same for either output format. First, you upload your data. Then our experienced team processes and merges your data into your custom statement design. Finally, we generate individual PDFs, making

Most coronavirus metrics are still inching downward, and there are only so many ways to put that into words. So … we’ve decided to report on all the positives this week. Worldwide, more than 62 million people have recovered from coronavirus In Michigan, 529,000 have recovered Michigan’s active cases stands at 39,500 – the lowest

Here are some encouraging coronavirus stats: •  MI’s case rate is down to 85% from mid-November. It sits at 113 cases/million people. •  Positivity rates continue to inch downward – sitting at 3.9% currently. •  Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are down 79% – occupying just 5.2% of beds “These are very encouraging trends that have

Last summer the metric everyone was watching—positivity rate. That’s because a positivity rate below 3% shows we have the infection rates under control. Then fall hit and positivity rates began climbing again. We are very happy to report that, as of Wednesday, the seven-day average positivity rate is down below 4%, the lowest since the

In Thursday’s press conference, Governor Whitmer announced that high school winter sports are allowed to start in-person practice and competition on Monday, February 8. Masks must be worn at all times. If masks cannot be worn, athletes and coaches must be tested regularly according to MDHHS guidelines. PLUS, two spectators per high school athlete are

Sometimes we like sounding like a broken record, and this is one of those times. Michigan’s COVID-19 metrics continue to improve. Daily cases have plateaued, hospitalizations continue to decline, and deaths are slowing. Last Tuesday’s positivity rate stood at 6.45%, and this Wednesday’s rate was down to 4.48%. All of this is great news! While

Michigan COIVD-19 metrics continue to improve. Tuesday’s positivity rate was 6.45%, down slightly from last week—even with the average daily number of tests up 11,900 over last week. Also, last week’s 7-day average for daily cases was 2,350, and this week we’re sitting at 1,653 so far. All other metrics are showing similar positive trends;

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