Michigan COIVD-19 metrics continue to improve. Tuesday’s positivity rate was 6.45%, down slightly from last week—even with the average daily number of tests up 11,900 over last week. Also, last week’s 7-day average for daily cases was 2,350, and this week we’re sitting at 1,653 so far. All other metrics are showing similar positive trends;

In case you missed it, Governor Whitmer and MDHHS announced yesterday that Michigan saw a less severe peak in cases over the holidays than neighboring states and now has the lowest case rate in the region. Last week our 7-day average for daily cases was 3,136 and this week’s average is down (so far) to

In a press conference yesterday, Governor Whitmer provided an update on Michigan’s coronavirus situation. She acknowledged that officials are watching closely for a surge due to the recent end-of-year holiday season. When asked if the pause will be extended or revised, she responded “I would anticipate some more days of data before a determination is

Here’s a quick update on the coronavirus vaccines. So far, more than 166,000 doses have been distributed across the state, and more than 26,000 doses have been administered. Another 120,000 doses—half from Pfizer and half from Moderna—arrive this week, with a similar number of doses arriving next week. More than 300 distribution sites continue vaccinating

Pfizer’s vaccine is working its way around the country. Michigan hospitals were among the first to receive their doses because Pfizer is located in Kalamazoo, MI. Front line hospital staff began receiving vaccines as early as Monday. And according to latest reports, the US is in discussions with Pfizer for tens of millions more doses

Yesterday, the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Panel heard testimony regarding Pfizer’s cornonavirus vaccine. After debate, the panel recommend the FDA approve emergency authorization use for the first vaccine. Regulators in Great Britain, Canada, and Bahrain have already approved the vaccine for use in their countries. Pfizer plans to start shipping doses immediately. According to Governor Whitmer,

We waited a little longer to send this email due to Governor Whitmer’s scheduled press conference yesterday at 1:30 pm. Although the governor did not address lifting or extending the current 3-week “Pause to Save Lives,” she did discuss the work of Michigan’s COVID-19 Task Force on Racial Disparities led by Lieutenant Governor Garlin Chilchrist

Well, local media sources were mostly right. As of today, Michigan gyms, bowling alleys, and ice rinks are allowed to be open … with restrictions, of course. Unfortunately for movie theaters and performance venues, Governor Whitmer’s latest executive order didn’t mention when they will be allowed to open. But, in an unexpected move, Governor Whitmer

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