Our favorite headlines this week: December 4-8

Ahhh. Friday, our old friend, is here again.

Whatever you have planned for the weekend – even if it’s wrapping yourself up in a blanket and staying on the couch for 48 hours straight – we hope you can spare a few minutes to check out Our Favorite Headlines this week.

On the surface, the articles in our roundup this week each share something “cool” or “interesting”. But if you look deeper, you’ll find some insight into human behavior, technology, or how the two collide.

Check them out below, then let us know what you think about each one in the comments below.


Google’s new #SmallThanks Hub automatically creates digital & printed marketing assets for SMBs

The Takeaway: We’re filing this in our folder called “Cool Things from Google.” (Seriously, we have one.) Google’s #SmallThanks Hub takes three important elements for effective small business marketing and puts them together for us to reap the benefits: social proof (reviews), automation, and an integrated mix of physical and digital tactics. If you’re a small business and have been Google-verified, you can create your own social media graphics, posters, and marketing materials. If you don’t have a verified Google business, we should probably talk


Research Proves That The Storyteller Is Valued More Than Anyone In A Society

The Takeaway: This is a quick and interesting read, but it also lends insight into human-to-human interaction. Why has the significance of storytelling held up so long? Because stories help people feel connected to one another, they’re relatable, and they cross boundaries of education, age, and sometimes even language.

It’s for the same reasons that storytelling is so critically important in marketing. Storytelling can bring your brand directly into the lives of the people you want to buy your products. The brands that know how to convey their message through stories will win out over those who only list features and benefits.


Facebook rolls out AI to detect suicidal posts before they’re reported

The Takeaway: There is still much to be debated about how companies like Facebook should be allowed to use AI – whether that means scanning our (public) posts for particular language, delivering highly-targeted ads, or simply collecting data to understand more about each user. That being said, this seems like exactly the type of thing companies should be doing with artificial intelligence. What do you think – is this newest rollout from Facebook a great way to use technology for good, or a scary new development in the race for AI?


10 Uncomfortable Deeds That Will Pay Off Forever

The Takeaway: This idea that getting outside of your comfort zone will pay off isn’t a new one. But since “getting out of your comfort zone” is a bit of an abstract idea, this article is a great guide to how you can actually do it. Why wait to make a New Year’s Resolution? Start doing one uncomfortable deed (like talking to a stranger) today! It will be amazing to see what changes in your life.


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