Our favorite headlines this week: October 23-27

This past week started out gloomy (remember the 48 hours of nonstop rain?) and seems to be ending in a similar fashion. Plus, with shorter days and the lull of the final quarter, we might all be in need of a little pick-me-up.

That’s why our roundup this week is centered on one theme: inspiration.

The topics are varied – from writing, to running, to food – but each of the articles in this week’s edition of Our Favorite Headlines should inspire you in some way. It may mean thinking differently about how social responsibility plays into your own marketing plan. Or maybe it’s simply getting creative with the treats at your Halloween party this weekend to make sure healthy choices are available. Whatever inspiration you’re looking for to start your weekend off, check out Our Favorite Headlines below!


How to Feel Good as a Writer: an Origin Story

The Takeaway: The headline and text of this article reference writers specifically, but we think this advice applies to anyone who creates anything – especially you, marketers. As marketers, we create all the time, even if that doesn’t necessarily mean putting pen to paper or designing a piece on our own. We are responsible for the conceptualization of a marketing plan, the mix of tactics, the “One Big Idea”, and the execution of the campaign, which sees our ideas brought to life. And just like Leslie Bricusse, when we create those plans, we never really know what will happen.

It’s for that reason that marketing, like writing, should be influenced by both art and strategy.


Burger King Reveals the Uncomfortable Truth About Bullying in a Remarkable In-Store Stunt

The Takeaway: What do fast food burgers and bullying have to do with one another? Well, not much – but Burger King did an excellent job connecting the two in their latest ad. In recent presentations about marketing to Millennials, we’ve talked about how important it is for brands to be authentic when they take on any form of “corporate social responsibility.” For a brand with generally off-the-wall commercials, Burger King nailed it.

The anti-bullying ad is right on brand, cleverly integrates a BK product, and was appropriately released during National Bullying Prevention Month. These are all important things to think about, if (or when) your own business decides to take on a cause. Find a creative way to make sure the connection is clear, and make sure the goal is to benefit that cause, not just your business.


Engaging Customer Experiences Are a Make-or-Break Business Factor: The Case of Healthcare

The Takeaway: The most important line from this article is as follows:

In an environment where trust is in short supply and customer engagement is spread across a broad digital ecosystem, companies must focus on their customers and on nurturing relationships through effective, relevant communication.

Regardless of what business you work in, creating real, lasting relationships with your customers will be the key to long-term success. And those relationships, like the ones you have with friends, are built over time. Be thoughtful with your marketing and communications, understand who you’re talking to, and focus on delighting them in every experience you provide.


Reflections on Running: An Interview with Amer Gerzic about Running the Chicago Marathon

The Takeaway: Amer has been a great leader at Extend Your Reach and while he won’t be in the office every day to impart his wisdom (and constant jokes), he generously shared some of his own recent learnings with us and our readers. Whether you’re thinking about running a marathon, volunteering your time for a cause, or just prepping to take on a new challenge, Amer’s Chicago Marathon experience has something to take away.


Healthy, but still spooky, Halloween treats

The Takeaway: We couldn’t share a roundup on October 28 without anything Halloween-related. So, if you have a party to attend this weekend or just want to bring a healthy treat to work next Tuesday, here are some fun, freaky, and diet-friendly ideas!


What articles did you find particularly interesting or relevant? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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