Our favorite headlines this week: April 2-6

Here’s to the end of another week! This Friday, our roundup includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good: An article about a new fashion trend that professional women can really appreciate. Plus, the role of storytelling in humanity.

The bad: Some misconceptions about “conversational copywriting” and it’s role in humanizing marketing.

The ugly: An update on the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, which is sure to affect all marketers (even those who don’t use Facebook) at some point.

Check them out!


3 False Beliefs about Conversational Copywriting that Make Me Want to Scream

The Takeaway: Conversational copywriting isn’t exactly optional for brands these days, it’s a necessity. But a key to conversational copy means understanding a few critical points; most importantly, which misconceptions aren’t true. The author of this blog post points out that writing conversationally means creating marketing copy that sells, but is “honest, transparent, and respectful to your audience.” In short, no tricks, no jargon, and no confusion.


How great storytelling helped give birth to the marketplace

The Takeaway: We can’t stress enough the importance of storytelling in your branding and marketing. After all, storytelling is rooted in the entire history of humanity. So regardless of which format or platform you choose for your marketing efforts (print, video, or even banner ads), think carefully about how your copy and images convey a story. Specifically, think about how your piece will connect with viewers, convey emotion, and create memories and experiences.


Welcome To The Wrinkle- And Sweat-Proof Workwear Of The Future

The Takeaway: Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies. Lucky for us, advancement in technology doesn’t only mean growing computing power – it also means an evolution of fashion to include clothing that is comfortable, convenient, and flattering. If you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable in your workwear, check out these brands that have taken a different approach to women’s professional clothing. Fair warning: you might be tempted to buy everything…


Facebook’s removing third-party targeting data: What marketers need to know

The Takeaway: Whether your brand uses Facebook advertising or not, the ongoing saga involving Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and user privacy is certain to have an effect on marketers sooner or later. That effect remains to be seen – we doubt it will end with everyone deleting Facebook, as many have promised to do – but we do know that the question of data privacy in marketing is one that will continue to pop up. Stay tuned for when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a Congressional panel next Wednesday, March 11.


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