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Your website should make the right first impression. We can help with that!

When’s the last time you checked your website to make sure all the information is current? Is it relevant to potential customers?

For some, even thinking about updating a website can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

At Extend Your Reach, we understand that once potential customers find your website, they need a reason to stay and explore while current customers want your site to be easy-to-use and navigate. Looking at your site from the customer’s point of view is vital to creating an exceptional online experience.

What makes EYR different than other web developers?

We’re glad you asked. Like other web development companies, we have talented, full-stack programmers with years of experience creating dynamic and intuitive websites. We’re confident they stack up (pun intended) well compared to the competition. The “twist” with EYR is that we integrate our creative staff into every development team. Why? Because our programmers excel at code and creating backend magic, but our creative staff understand eye movement on a page, how colors evoke emotion (or action), and creating front end beauty. Combine all that … and you get a modern, engaging, and easy-to-use website.

Our approach to web development includes six phases:


We begin by establishing guidelines and quality-control protocols. This involves creating a communication and proofing plan. Questions include: Will your staff be providing content? How many will be involved in the proofing process? What is the best way to contact everyone?


Next, we take time to get to know you, your brand, and your goals for the website. We ask questions like: Who’s your target audience? How many different user types do you have? What pages of your current site are high traffic? What features in other sites that really speak to you?


In this phase our creative team brainstorms layout ideas, sources potential images, and proposes a site map and navigation scheme. Then we bring in our programmers and map out development assignments. Finally, we present our concepts for your input and approval.


Now our programmers do what they do best — work their back-end magic. If needed, our creative team is available to help with content creation. We also work on mobile optimization and make sure we’re following the latest ADA criteria for maximum accessibility for everyone.


Here we choose a select group of people to test your new website. This group includes any staff that will use/update the site most often and representatives from each user type. We also ensure compatibility across browsers, complete SEO, and establish security protocols.


Your site’s just about ready. We need to submit your site map to Google and activate your site’s analytics. Then we schedule your launch date and schedule site backups and file transfers (if needed). If you’ll be managing the site, the last step includes training your team on the CMS.

And you can choose your preferred CMS!

With so many content management systems (CMS) out there, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. These are our favorites.

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