Project 15

First Steps Kent – Ready By 5 Conference (print materials)

A great example of a series of items that encompasses print, digital, and social media is our work with First Steps Kent, a local nonprofit organization, and their new Ready By 5 Conference. Being the inaugural conference, First Steps Kent needed assistance with all facets of promotion. EYR developed and executed a dynamic communication strategy that included direct mail, email, website, and social media – as well as conference-day print collateral and presentation. We began by creating a logo for the event and developing a strong brand, including photo options, typography, and voice. Next we generated a promotion master schedule, ensuring plenty of “touch points” and ample opportunities to encourage potential attendees to commit. Save-the-Date information was posted on the website and sent digitally via email and social media. Another series of digital communications were posted/sent to announce the opening of registration, and we developed several web pages with conference information and a dynamic registration form that provided available options based on previous answers or chosen breakout sessions. We also included a direct mail piece to the same audience, providing additional information and a call-to-action encouraging early registration. In the weeks leading up to the event, we cross-matched a list of registrants with the original contact list and created two sets of emails: one set to create a sense of urgency to register before all the spots are taken and one set to provide bits of information for those already registered. Finally, the week before the conference, we sent a final reminder email to each registrant, confirming breakout session choices and providing day-of details for parking and such. For the day of the conference, we provided directional signage, table tents, and a slide presentation that ran throughout the day. A highlight for us was providing personalized agenda booklets for each participant. The booklet contained not only a map of the venue and bios on the guest speaker and panelists, but also contained a custom schedule – offering each participant their personal schedule for the day, including title and room number for each of their chosen breakout sessions. Only the print materials are shown here.

Date: September 6, 2019

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