Happy Friday!

Okay, so we know that just two weeks ago, the theme of our weekly roundup was staying motivated at the end of 2017 – but everyone needs a little mental break sometimes, right?

That’s why you might notice that this week’s roundup is a little… different from our usual. This Friday, we’ve got some Favorite Headlines that will make you cry, laugh,  and maybe breathe a sigh of relief.

We won’t give too much away – just check them out below!


Google’s Moving Year in Search Video Shows How We Got Through the Hell of 2017

The Takeaway: We’re not crying, you are… Google’s annual video project is a beautiful look at how humans interact with the web – and one another. Even though 2017 has been (by most accounts) a difficult year, the Year in Search shows the power that the internet has to bring people together and through those difficult times.


I Tried To Buy My Boss The Perfect Gift

The Takeaway: This is a fun and insightful video to help answer one of life’s big questions: What does appropriate, meaningful gifting look like in the workplace? Okay, maybe it’s not right up there next to “What is my purpose on earth?” and “How do you define love?” – but it’s surely a challenge you’ve faced at some point in your career. Watch the video to see if you’ll find any inspiration for gifting to a colleague or boss.


Seven Ways to Diffuse Holiday Stress

The Takeaway: Deep breaths, deep breaths. This time of year can be incredibly stressful, between end-of-year work projects, holiday events, and family. But with a few minor adjustments to your schedule and your day, you can move beyond diffusing that stress to finding real joy in the season and all it brings with it. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?


What Is Mindful Eating, And How Do You Practice It?

The Takeaway: If the holiday season has you freaking out about how you’ll make it to January without picking up a few extra pounds, this article is for you. The practice of mindful eating is not about starving yourself, or even denying a few treats here and there. Instead, it’s about changing the way you interact with food to be more in-tune with what amount of food is right for your body. Eating mindfully can prevent overeating and make your experience with food more pleasurable. And with big holiday meals right around the corner, who wouldn’t want that?


What do you think of this week’s headlines? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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