EYR’s Amazing Staff

At Extend Your Reach, we’re proud of all our staff and the dedication they show to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget! And on National Photography Day, we want to give a shout out to a few especially talented staff who are pretty amazing behind the camera lens.

Gary has been at it in one form or another for over 5 decades. His dad got him interested when he was 10, carrying around his twin lens reflex camera. To this day he still looks through the lens and imagines a whole different, magical world. 💫

Shooting photography 📸 as both a hobby and professionally, Gary focuses mainly on landscapes, outdoor events, astrophotography, city & street scenes, and infrared (invisible light). His photography has been on book covers, billboards, published in Michigan visitor guides, business websites, and more. From regular prints to mural-sized displays, you might have seen his work in public buildings such as retail spaces, corporate offices, and higher education buildings.

When composing and planning shots, his mind goes elsewhere, and he can truly relax. “Photography is my Zen.”

Maranda has always loved helping people see themselves in a different way — beautiful, scary, silly. She was always the one in her family to remember to take a picture, even if it was just of the birthday cake. 🎂

One of the first dates she had with her fiancé was him taking pictures of her in the MSU Children’s Gardens. After that, she knew she wanted to do that with him for a long time. 💕

“Gardens, plants, wildlife — they’re things we take for granted when looking at them. But when someone captures it in a photo, everyone wishes they’d have taken a photo, too.” For Maranda, something just feels right about being the one that gets to document it.

Jerry started out taking photos for a hunting website and soon was asked to take some family photos. His photos here show his grandkids when they were little and his last vacation to Mackinac City. 📸

Jerry enjoys being out in nature looking for the next interesting photo op. “Outside is my happy place.” 😁

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