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What CMS platforms do you work with?

With so many content management systems (CMS) out there, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Once we have a clear understanding of your specific online needs, we are happy to suggest which platform(s) would work best for you. A few of our favorites include: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Wix. We also offer custom coded websites and portals.

Website CMS options


Do you handle content migration?

Yes, Extend Your Reach can handle migration of information and assets from your old site to the new one. If you or your current web host can provide a full database backup, file migration becomes a simple and inexpensive process.


Are your websites ADA compliant?

Yes, as a standard we use plug-ins/modules/extensions designed to verify ADA compliance on every site we build. These additions evaluate content for accessibility issues when content is published and also offer the ability to do a complete scan of your website at any time.


What sets EYR’s web development team apart?

As an agency specializing in both web development and marketing, we understand the importance of branding, ease-of-use for the consumer, and communicating complicated concepts to the general public. Our web development team — made up of both programmers and our best creative staff — works together to create clean, intuitive websites.


Do you offer training on the CMS to reduce dependence for small site changes?

Yes, EYR offers in-person training, as well as custom manuals, to make sure your team understands how to update the website once it’s live. If you prefer to train via video conference, we can record the training sessions and provide copies of the videos.


Do you offer tech support after the new website is live?

EYR is happy to provide tech support after site launch. We provide on-call technical support for an agreed-upon fee.


Does EYR offer website hosting?

Yes, if you are interested in changing your hosting service, EYR does provide hosting services. Pricing depends on the size, complexity, and availability requirements of your website.



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