Our favorite headlines this year: 2017 recap

What a year 2017 has been.

In 2017, we restructured part of our business, redesigned our website, said goodbye to some dear coworkers, and welcomed new members of #TeamEYR. We celebrated random holidays, raced together, and learned about important organizations in our community (and beyond) who are doing tremendous work to make this world a better place.

We also started a little thing called “Our Favorite Headlines” – a weekly blog and email feature where we talk about news in the marketing, business, and wellness world. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve shared close to 160 favorite headlines; that is, articles, blog posts, and videos we thought you’d find helpful and interesting. And since that is way too much content for any one person to review, we thought we’d pare it down in a a special edition of Our Favorite Headlines – a recap of our favorite favorites from 2017.

Check them out below!


5 big things marketers actually have to start doing in 2017

From Our favorite headlines: January 9-13 (and still relevant)


4 Exercises That Boost Creative Confidence

From Our favorite headlines: January 16-20


Reduce Your Stress in Two Minutes a Day

From Our favorite headlines: January 30 – February 2


How To Balance Long Term Planning And Marketing Agility

From Our favorite headlines: February 6-10


12 Important Career Lessons Most People Learn Too Late in Life

From Our favorite headlines: March 6-10


The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time

From Our favorite headlines: March 27-31


Letter of Recommendation: Michigan

From Our favorite headlines: April 17-21 (because we all know that Michigan doesn’t get the credit it deserves)


Mark Ritson: I long for the death of marketing clichés

From Our favorite headlines: May 8-12



From Our favorite headlines: June 26-30


5 Easy Ways to Overcome Procrastination

From Our favorite headlines: July 10-14 (because the battle against procrastination doesn’t really ever end)


10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Your Next B2B Digital Marketing Agency

From Our favorite headlines: July 17-21


The Art Of The Leave-Behind: Why Print Collateral Will Always Have A Place In Marketing

From Our favorite headlines: August 7-11


Why your brand should obsess over its customers, not its competitors

From Our favorite headlines: September 4-8 (and also still relevant)


Has anyone stopped to consider why we’re all making six second ads?

From Our favorite headlines: November 6-10


How and When to Use Direct Mail as Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

From Our favorite headlines: November 13-17


The Future of Marketing: Five Marketing Megatrends for 2018

From Our favorite headlines: November 27 – December 1


What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There: Expert Thoughts On Innovation And Growth

Just the inspiration you need going into 2018, from Our favorite headlines: November 27 – December 1


Thanks for following along for Our Favorite Headlines for the past year! We’re looking forward to continuing the series in 2018.

Until next year!


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