Our Favorite Headlines: Vacation Edition

We’re changing things up a bit for this week’s Our Favorite Headlines.

With summer quickly turning to fall and EYR content manager Kim Farrow out of the office, we decided it was an appropriate time to highlight something in the business world that doesn’t get talked about enough: VACATION.

That’s right. While many of you may have taken some time off to get away this summer, many other Americans left vacation time on the table. In fact, a study by Project: Time Off found that 55% of Americans left some of their vacation time unused in 2015, totaling more than 658 million wasted days.

Say what?

We understand. It can be hard to get away for a vacation, especially those longer than a three-day weekend. Many people think that taking a vacation may reflect negatively on their work ethic, or that the pileup of emails when they return means that vacation just isn’t worth it. But we want to change that thinking.

Taking regular vacations throughout the year can have true benefits – not just for your mental well-being and productivity, but for your entire organization. Plus, many of us marketers have tools that can do our heavy-lifting while we’re out of the office.

So, if you skipped summer vacation to avoid falling behind, this edition of Our Favorite Headlines is for you. In the name of vacation, we’ll let the headlines do *most* of the talking… Check them out below.

The Secret Economic And Career Benefits Of Taking Vacation


11 Hidden Benefits of Taking More Vacation


How to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation


Online Marketing Doesn’t Take a Summer Vacation, But You Can


How to Take Vacation Without Sabotaging Your Sales Team


And a few bonus articles, with ideas for a great fall vacation in Michigan and beyond:

12 of Michigan’s most dazzling fall color drives


30 Great Midwest Fall Color Getaways


25 Best October Vacations


Here’s to your next vacation!

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