Our favorite headlines this week: November 13-17

Happy Friday!

This week, we’re bringing you another short-and-sweet edition of Our Favorite Headlines. With topics ranging from branding to direct mail to coping with anxiety, our roundup is one part inspiration, one part marketing manual, and one part self-help guide. Check it out and leave a comment below to let us know what you think!


Three Takeaways for Marketers From the Repositioning of Brand Taylor Swift

The Takeaway: Who doesn’t love a great T-Swift analysis? In all seriousness, this post is an interesting look at something that makes most brand managers a little uneasy: change. Take it from someone who knows – evolving a long-standing brand is tough. And it’s time-consuming. But as your audience and the world around you changes, your brand must be able to identify such changes and evolve in order to survive. Just remember, evolution doesn’t necessarily mean taking a complete 180-degree turn.


How and When to Use Direct Mail as Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Takeaway: Recognizing that your audience uses different media to find and consume information, a healthy marketing plan should include a mix of tactics and channels. And while using direct mail to drive your inbound marketing plan might feel counter-intutitive, this approach can help you make sure you’re meeting your audience exactly “where they are” – instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Beyond the reasons why you should integrate, this article has important tips for how to use direct mail successfully. Read and learn, friends!


10 Ways to Calm Anxiety Now

The Takeaway: We’d recommend adopting each of these 10 tips as a daily habit, whether you struggle with an anxiety disorder or simply need a healthy way to deal with stress. In a society that is always-on, it’s important to train yourself to be mindful and find methods that help you cope with a constant barrage of stressors. By practicing each of these, you’ll stay healthy, feel good, and be more productive. Who doesn’t want that?


What could your favorite nonprofit do with $1,000?

The Takeaway: Go nominate your favorite nonprofit to receive our $1,000 donation for Giving Tuesday! We accepting nominations until Monday, November 27 at 11:59 p.m. Wouldn’t it be cool if a nonprofit you care about was selected?


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