Our favorite headlines this week: March 5-9

We’ve got that Friday feeling! It’s been a cold and dreary week in Grand Rapids — but fortunately, the forecast for next week is looking a little more spring-like.

Before you take off for the weekend, we’ve got a jam-packed edition of Our Favorite Headlines. This week’s roundup features some serious marketing content, including why offline marketing is so underrated, how to create a perfect Facebook post, and a story about purpose in branding. Then to round it out, we’re sharing new research about walking and a recipe to try over the weekend — because, dammit, we deserve a treat!



Why Offline Marketing is Far More Powerful Than Most People Realize

The Takeaway: There are few things we love more than a little myth-bustin’ about traditional marketing channels. In today’s digital-first environment, it can be all too easy to write off traditional tactics like direct mail. But as we’ve said time and time again, brands stand to gain when they pair online efforts, like email and social media, with offline tactics like print and outdoor. These offline channels help build brand awareness, are easy to track, and can stand out in a world cluttered by digital messages.


The 5 Key Ingredients of a Perfect Facebook Post

The Takeaway: Did you also throw your arms up in exasperation when you read about the newest round of updates to the Facebook news feed? (Because we definitely did.) But alas, the new algorithm gives us marketers an opportunity to switch things up and make sure we’re truly providing value with our posts. This “recipe” serves as a great checklist for making sure your posts are both valuable and visible – which will soon become one and the same.


Veja Wants To Make The Most Sustainable Sneaker In The World

The Takeaway: True, it’s a bit counterintuitive that a marketing agency would willingly share an article about a business that has cut costs by eliminating, well, marketing. But this story isn’t about marketing.

The Veja story is a lesson in purpose; particularly in the role that purpose should play in your brand. Veja has been successful over the past 14 years because the business was driven by one purpose: to create sustainable sneakers where every material is traceable. That purpose has guided every decision for the brand’s creators, even if that meant they would sacrifice profits. Does your brand have such a purpose? If not, what factors are driving your business decisions?


How Walking Helps Your Brain

The Takeaway: Warm weather will be here soon and there’s no better way to enjoy spring in Michigan than getting out for a walk. We’ve known for a while that walking has health benefits like lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of diabetes, but new research shows that even our brains can benefit from taking an evening stroll. If walking isn’t already part of your daily routine, think about how you can incorporate it into daily life – walking at lunchtime, taking a walking meeting, or going for a short stroll after dinner. Start small and focus on building up to walking at least 10,000 steps per day.


The Best Hot Chocolate

The Takeaway: There’s no special lesson in here, just a recipe that sounds absolutely delicious and won’t destroy your diet. If we have to deal with cold weather for a little while longer, we should at least have a treat that can keep us warm. Cheers!


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