Our favorite headlines this week: July 17-21

Lists, lists, lists! We must admit that we’re big fans of “listicles” at Reach; that is, blog posts and articles that are broken up into a numbered list format. (Think every article from Buzzfeed, circa 2012.)

Listicles are great a great way to spread your wisdom because the numbered format and subheads are easy to read (or skim), especially in the age of the smartphone.

Plus, they are great for sharing, which is exactly what we’re doing today. This week, our favorite headlines include four lists we think you’ll find particularly useful – from the different purposes of direct mail, to the questions you should ask any potential marketing vendor, and beyond.

Check them out below.


10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Your Next B2B Digital Marketing Agency

The Takeaway: We’d argue that you should ask these questions of any prospective marketing partner, not just a digital agency. Any type of marketing campaign requires an investment of your time, money, and energy, which is why it’s perfectly acceptable to think of hiring a marketing agency as hiring an extension of your workforce.

With this in mind, conduct interviews with the team as you would a potential new hire. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions – about strengths and weaknesses, examples of past successes (or failures), and how they will approach your marketing challenges. A good marketing agency will be happy to field these questions, since it shows how invested you are in making sure your campaigns are successful.


The 7 Purposes of Direct Mail

The Takeaway: This article is an oldie, but a goodie; and certainly worth sharing. We’ve established many times that direct mail is undoubtedly making a comeback. But what purpose can direct mail serve in your own marketing mix? These seven points from columnist Luke Heffron highlight the various reasons you might choose direct mail over (or in tandem with) another medium. By knowing what you want your direct mail campaign to achieve – and then aligning your message and call-to-action with that objective – you’ll see that direct mail is most definitely still a viable tactic in 2017.



9 Productivity Snacks to Get You Through Your Work Day

The Takeaway: Much like author Miriam Vanyan, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to talk food. The beautiful thing about food is not just how great it tastes, but the work it does to fuel our bodies – and our brains. If you’ve found yourself feeling sluggish during the workday or having a tough time focusing right before lunch, try snacking! These healthy, brain-boosting foods will give you the energy you need to tackle tough projects.

Note: We especially love the pairing suggestions at the end.


6 Ways Stephen King Can Improve Your Business Writing

The Takeaway: These tips shared by Stephen King in his memoir, On Writing, are useful for anyone who uses words to communicate. (Hint: If you’re reading this, that means you.) Sure, you might not be writing a 600+ page novel or a 1000+ word blog post, but the ability to write clearly is a critical function of most jobs, whether that means writing reports, drafting proposals, or simply sending emails to clients and coworkers. Clear, interesting, and relevant communication helps you and your team build trust and work more efficiently.

So how do you improve your writing? Actually, the process looks a lot like training for a race or sporting event: seek inspiration, practice consistently, and rest when necessary.



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