Our favorite headlines this week: January 16-20

If you visited our blog last week, you may have noticed our new series, where we promise to share a taste of some of our favorite headlines from the week (if not, check it out here). Well, in true series form, we’ve come back for a second round.

Below is a quick roundup of our favorite blog posts, articles, and editorials from this week:


The Great Unbundling


The Takeaway: This is a long read, but one that lends a lot of insight into how major communication/entertainment channels have and continue to change. While not directly about marketing, this post is important for marketers to read. Why? Because disruptions in the media landscape will always affect our options for reaching customers, including how and where they want to be reached. Author Ben Thompson addresses this when he talks about the way that Facebook and Snapchat are replacing TV as a tool for escapism.


Pearl Izumi’s Email Helps Keep Customers Active


The Takeaway: The important message here, for us, isn’t so much about email marketing as it is about keeping accurate data. By giving customers the chance to decide what product types they want to hear about, Pearl Izumi is setting itself up for future marketing success – higher open rates, better conversion rates on emails, and probably a more favorable view in their customers’ eyes. This goes well beyond email, too. Pearl Izumi can use the fresh new data they’re collecting to create targeted direct mail campaigns for each segment of their audience – cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, and triathletes. A highly-segmented campaign means 1) the ability to create a message that will really resonate with that particular recipient and 2) a more cost-effective way to get the message out there.

Remember: Data is never ‘set it and forget it.’ Be on the lookout for new ways to use data for segmenting customers (and prospects) and creating highly-relevant messages for each group. Also, as you’re pushed to bring in more and more business, don’t forget to tap into the network of loyal fans you already have.

4 Exercises That Boost Creative Confidence


The Takeaway: Creativity doesn’t have to be an elusive force that strikes randomly. When you work in a creative field, it can be easy to feel burned out, but we can actually train ourselves to feel more confident with our own creativity. Do something else creative to keep that part of your brain active. Don’t be afraid to use more straight-laced organization methods to free up some ‘mental bandwidth’ for creativity… You’ll have to read the article for the last two!

Direct mail is not dead: Top 4 ways to integrate digital and direct mail


The Takeaway: Take a second to reread that headline… Now read it one more time.

Did it stick? The best thing marketers can do for direct mail is to think creatively about how it fits into a larger campaign or marketing plan – especially in the digital age. If you aren’t sure how to integrate your direct mail campaigns with your digital marketing efforts, take a look at author Nicki Howell’s four tips – then talk to us!


What articles did you find particularly interesting or relevant? Let us know below or on Facebook or Twitter!

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