Our favorite headlines this week: February 20-24

Got a minute? Check out our favorite headlines from this week, which all have one thing in common; that is, they’re all about improvement. Each article include some actionable tips to help you improve yourself, your marketing message, and your Instagram strategy.


Your Brain Has A “Shuffle” Button—Here’s How To Use It

The Takeaway: Have you ever played trivia or watched Jeopardy with a friend who gets all the obscure answers right? They usually follow a successful game with a statement like, “I’m just really good at storing useless information…” But what if that information isn’t useless after all? That’s the point authors Judah Pollack and Olivia Fox Cabane make in this FastCompany article – that it’s actually good for your brain to store more information than you’ll ever need access to. Why? Because that extraneous, seemingly-unrelated knowledge can translate into greater success in your day job. In short, “the more raw material you give your brain, the more connections it can make.”

So what does this mean for you? Never stop learning and, more importantly, don’t be afraid to pursue those hobbies that aren’t directly related to your line of work. Like Pollack and Cabane suggest, reading about and researching topics that are adjacent to your work can help you be more creative and better understand the limits you place on yourself.


5 Ways to Introduce Yourself Perfectly in 20 Words or Less [TEMPLATES]

The Takeaway: Author Rebecca Okamoto intended this article to help business people introduce themselves during in-person networking events, but the principles she shares can help marketers who are struggling to convey their message, too. As marketers, we’re used to answering questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “What do you do?” from time to time – whether at a networking event, in the Info section of a Facebook business page, or even on a printed marketing piece. But with ever-declining attention spans, our answers must be more succinct than ever before.

Okamoto’s tips are a great guide to grabbing attention, communicating your value, and getting people to want to know more – all in fewer than 8 seconds. Beyond telling your story at in-person events, we encourage you to try these templates when creating your company’s About page, when creating an offer for your next direct mail campaign, or coming up with the perfect boiler plate for your press releases.


3 tips for using Instagram in your health care practice

Warning: this article includes an image that may make some people squeamish…

The Takeaway: One thing that we like about these tips is that they can be translated to just about any business or organization. Social media users tend to prefer visual posts over text, which is one of the reasons Instagram has been so successful. But it can be hard to know how to do Insta right, whether you work for a healthcare organization, a nonprofit, or even a B2B company. These are three simple things that you can do to make your own Instagram campaigns easier to find and more engaging. We’ll vouch for numbers 1 and 2, too – our own experience has shown that these types of posts are more well-received.


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