Our favorite headlines this week: August 7-11

Happy Friday! This week’s roundup of Our Favorite Headlines is short and sweet – and full of wisdom. From the role print plays in a digital world to what “positive quitting” can do for you, our roundup packs a powerful punch in just a few paragraphs.

Check them out below.


The Art Of The Leave-Behind: Why Print Collateral Will Always Have A Place In Marketing

The Takeaway: We like that this article shares three important truths about the impact of print in a largely-digital world. The first truth: print offers something that digital simply can’t offer – not just its physicality, but the feeling that a printed piece is worth more than a strictly digital message. The second truth: print marketing pieces MUST be remarkable. And the third truth: it’s not a question of print or digital; rather, marketers must focus on print AND digital.

These are all things that we’ve by trying to educate our own clients on. What better article to include in our weekly roundup?


Don’t Call it a Comeback: Print Never Died

The Takeaway: It seems that print marketing is similar to fashion trends from the 90s… Sure, it may have lost some of its luster circa 2005, but there were always die-hard fans of oversized flannel shirts, chokers, and platform shoes. Regardless of whether the move toward higher volumes of print marketing is a “comeback,” the stats are there to show that it works. The stats in this article from J Schmid make it clear that direct mail, including catalogs, defies traditional generational stereotypes and can outperform digital channels in impact and recall. We can’t argue with that.


The Power of Positive Quitting

The Takeaway: We’re sharing this as a piece of wisdom that really resonated with us. It’s easy to take on extra tasks, projects, and even feelings that simply don’t move us forward. At all. So instead of feeling like you’re constantly running on a treadmill, take some time to think about the things you spend your time on that will likely never get you anywhere? Now quit it.


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