Our favorite headlines this week: August 21-25

What a week! From Monday’s solar eclipse to the release of Taylor Swift’s new single, this week has been jam-packed with news (and social media opportunities #brandrelevance #popculture). Today, we’re slowing it down with some of our favorite headlines from the past week.

These articles revolve around some of the important topics on our minds lately: how print and digital media converge, how one man found a unique way to relate to marketers, and a simple way to keep your body feeling good.

Take a look!


Teaching Kids Coding, by the Book

The Takeaway: This New York Times article is a beautiful illustration of the convergence of digital and print in today’s world. Since the dawn of the internet, experts have claimed that digital would lead to the death of print – but even _ years after the internet was born, we see examples where print (in the form of books) is being used to educate and inspire the next generation of developers. The main lesson: Much like the subjects in the article, we shouldn’t be waiting for the moment that digital media kills print; instead, we should be looking at ways to use both for the betterment of our society.

That’s not too much to ask, right?


Infographic: The value of print in today’s marketing

The Takeaway: While we’re talking about the impact print and digital media can have when used together, let’s not forget to address why print remains relevant. Ultimately, it comes down to the way our brains process both types of media. The tangibility of physical printed pieces causes a greater neurological response in humans, prompting a greater emotional response, better recall, more time spent with the piece, and a higher perceived value. Simply put, printed pieces can give readers something that digital can’t, which explains why it hasn’t been totally replaced – and likely never will be.


The man behind the Marketoonist on bringing marketers’ bugbears to life

The Takeaway: If you’ve never seen any of Tom Fishburne’s cartoons, we urge you to go check them out now. His view of the marketing world is both eye-opening and painfully relatable, in a way that makes you realize the challenges your organization face are not exclusive. Beyond his nuggets of marketing wisdom, we really like Fishburne because he’s found a way to cut through the clutter and relate to marketers in an authentic, emotionally-engaging way – something our brands should be striving to do with our own audiences.


Why it pays to stretch before you get out of bed

The Takeaway: There are simple things we can do to keep our bodies feeling great – things that are all too often overlooked. One of those oft-overlooked things is stretching.

Stretching helps improve blood flow, creates flexibility to prevent injury, and can relieve stiffness and aches that can distract us from our work. And stretching before we even get out of bed can provide a moment of quiet and calm before the start of hectic day. If you wake up with aches or pains, or if you experience stress first-thing in the morning, we recommend trying one of these brief stretching routines.


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