Our favorite headlines this week: April 17-21

Isn’t it great that Friday comes every week?

In all seriousness, we love Friday – and not just because it marks the start of the weekend. What we love about our Fridays is getting the opportunity to review the week, check the status of our projects, and prepare to reset for next week. Oh, and we love getting to share some time with you through a few of the articles we liked most from the past five or so days.

This week, our roundup is just the tiniest bit random, but we thought each article deserved a spot. So take a look, enjoy our desperate attempts at humor, and let us know what you think. Happy reading!


The Downside of Digital’s Explosive Growth? Too Many Marketers Are Failing to Think Long-Term

The Takeaway: We’ll start by admitting that we, too, have fallen victim to the charm of short-term wins. And we probably will again; we get that same rush from seeing people visiting our landing pages, using an offer code, or contacting us within days of the first time they land on our blog. But, as a business who preaches about the importance of direct mail (see below), we realize that there is value in the long-term. As you build and brand and create awareness about your organization and products, it’s important not to give up on those tactics that don’t seem to show immediate results. Instead, recognize the value those tactics could present down the road: Is your brand getting exposure within your audience? Are you consistently able to demonstrate your expertise in your field and build credibility? Think strategically about which tactics might call for a long-term investment – advertising, direct mail, and public relations – and make a plan for how and when you’ll evaluate each campaign over time.

And remember, this doesn’t mean shying away from all short-term strategies. As columnist George Musi points out, “Long- and short-term advertising investment strategies are both valuable and need to be part of the bigger marketing picture.”


Millennials and mail: 5 myths and the truth behind them

The Takeaway: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: direct mail isn’t dead. Really, it’s not even dying.

How do we know? Let’s start here: Despite being digital natives, Millennials are still engaging with direct mail. According to several studies cited in this article, younger consumers still appreciate print marketing, interact with it, and (most importantly) act on the offers presented. And, while we probably don’t need to tell you how important Millennials will be to your business, we’re going to anyway: Gen Y is 92 million strong and they collectively spend more than $1 trillion per year in the United States. If you aren’t already thinking about how to connect with them, now is the time to start – and make sure that direct mail is on the table as on option for reaching them. Of course, you should think carefully about your specific audience, your brand, and your objectives; just remember not to rule out any one tactic based on intuition alone.


Something to Think About: Stress-reducing ideas to help you smile

The Takeaway: Who knew that reducing stress could be as simple as watching cute animal videos on YouTube? Of course, there’s more that goes into managing stress than that, but these tips from Dr. Amit Sood of the Mayo Clinic are sure to give you an immediate mood boost. Make sure to allow yourself regular breaks from the intensity of work, whether it means checking in on April the Giraffe and baby, taking a “well-wishes walk”, or even just getting outside to enjoy springtime in Michigan. Your mind will thank you for it!


Letter of Recommendation: Michigan

The Takeaway: Welp, our secret is out. Whether you’re a lifelong Michigander, have lived here for a few years, or only visit the Mitten state every so often, you know how to take the bad with the good. And, more importantly, you know that there is so, so much good.

Sure, our winters tend to be miserable (second only to Minnesota) and our morning commute is fraught with inexplicable orange cones for two-thirds of the year; but year after year, we put up with it. Why? Because of the breath-taking transformation we see every spring and fall; trips up north to Grand Traverse Bay and the surrounding areas (read: wine and beaches); camping in the UP; cities on either side of the state that are filled with culture, great beer and the best food; the enthusiastic fan base for most of our sports teams; oh, and fudge. If that can’t convince you, nothing will.


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