COVID-19 Week 5 Update

It’s week 5 of the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order, and not much has changed regarding restrictions since last week. The good news is that the number of new cases and the number of deaths continue to decline in Michigan and parts of the country. Current actions are working to halt the spread of the virus, and we look forward to hearing from Governor Whitmer about possible steps to reopen the economy soon. 

As we slowly move toward “normal” operations again, we want to remind you that Disaster Recovery is an important component of any Business Continuity plan and is most effective if protocols are put in place and tested before you need them. A reliable print and mail disaster recovery vendor should be able to provide: secure data FTP for file transfers; custom programming and data processing (if needed); printing, fulfillment, folding, and cutting services; mailing, metering, and daily post office delivery; stock warehousing and inventory management; and standby testing protocols.

Extend Your Reach offers all of these, as well as designated response teams for communication and service engagement. Our mail and print services are tested and ready so you can be confident that your critical documents will go out when your customers need to receive them. Throughout the past several weeks, all client projects have been completed on schedule and we’ve met all critical mailing dates. We’d proud to do the same for you.

Stay safe!

Jay Gillotte
Extend Your Reach

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