COVID-19 Update – September 29, 2020

PASS THE POPCORN! Indoor theaters, cinemas, performance venues, arcades, and bingo halls got the green light to open their doors starting October 9. The same executive order, signed by Governor Whitmer on Friday, September 25, also increased the number of people allowed in non-residential settings (see table below). PPE must be worn and social distancing should be maintained when possible.

Chart showing venue types and new capacity limits

Another executive order added a requirement for all K-12 students in regions 1-5 and 7 (not Traverse City or the UP) to wear masks or face shields in classrooms. Previously Governor Whitmer strongly recommended that they wear face coverings, and this order changed the recommendation to a mandate. This might seem like a step backward, but flu season is starting; and since the flu and coronavirus have many similar symptoms, it’s an added precaution to help maintain the health of all students and teachers during in-person instruction.

While the state’s 7-day case positivity rate continues to fluctuate between 3.0% and 3.7%, EYR is happy to announce that our case positivity rate continues steady at 0.0%. Thanks to our cleaning and safety protocols, our staff remains healthy and able to provide exceptional results for you. And speaking of results, I wanted to remind you that EYR is committed to partnering with you and growing your business. Check us out online at or reach out to discuss how we can help: or 800-887-1959.

Stay safe!

Jay Gillotte
CEO, Extend Your Reach

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