21 letter ideas to celebrate National Letter Writing Day

Did you know that tomorrow (Friday, September 1) is National Letter Writing Day?

As big fans of mail, you can see why we’re excited to share this with you! Sure, a letter isn’t the fastest or most convenient way to share updates with someone – but that is part of what makes letter-writing so meaningful.

In an age where many of us communicate with one another using a single GIF, emoji, or even the hated-but-respected “k” via text message, it’s easy to see how a hand-written letter can pack a powerful punch.

Taking the time to write a letter (and paying the 49 cents for postage) is a meaningful act in that it requires time, thought, and a small investment. In the digital age, a letter doesn’t simply communicate the words on the page – it also sends a message that those words are truly important.

That’s why we’re challenging you to write a least one letter for National Letter Writing Day. And we’ve come prepared in case you’re struggling to think of something good to write. Here are 21 ideas for inspiration:

  1. A letter to a grandparent or relative you haven’t seen in a while. Share updates about your life and ask if he/she will write back to share what’s new in his/her life.
  2. A thank-you letter to a doctor/dentist/physical therapist who made a difference in your life.
  3. A letter of support for a local nonprofit organization to help them apply for a grant.
  4. A letter of encouragement to a friend or family member who is going through a difficult time.
  5. A letter of thanks and encouragement to someone who is currently serving or has served in the Military.
  6. A letter to your past self, reminding you of lessons you’ve learned over time.
  7. A letter of appreciation to an old mentor.
  8. A letter to your future self, describing how life is now and what some of your favorite things are. You can store the letter somewhere safe to open in a certain number years, or give to a friend to mail to you after time has passed.
  9. A letter of encouragement to a patient in your local hospital. Check with the hospital to find out how to address the letter to make sure it arrives.
  10. A letter to a friend who has birthday coming up soon.
  11. A note of praise to someone you admire but don’t know how to tell in person.
  12. A letter to an old teacher, sharing what your life is like and how he/she made an impact.
  13. A letter “just saying hello” to your Great Aunt Sandy who moved to Arizona last year.
  14. A letter of thanks to a local business that has always provided you with great service. Trust us, this will make someone’s day.
  15. A love letter to your significant other – and don’t say anything about it until it arrives in the mail!
  16. A letter to your state representative or local government official about an issue that matters to you.
  17. A note of appreciation to a long-time client.
  18. A letter to a kid in your life. You can write to your own child, a niece/nephew, or a friend or neighbor’s child. Kids don’t typically get a lot of mail, so something addressed just to them will be exciting.
  19. A letter telling someone you love about your experience traveling abroad.
  20. A letter from your business updating customers on happenings at your business, whether changes are coming or you just want to share how things are going with staff members.
  21. Scrap the letter and mail a potato instead. Your message will need to be short and sweet, but this is sure to make someone’s day.

For more letter-writing ideas, check out 30 Ideas for Letters to Write and Send or these Card & Letter Writing Ideas.

As always, we want to hear from you! If you write a letter, comment below to let us know what you decided to write about.

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