2017 postage rate changes coming January 22

Another year, another round of changes to postage rates from the United States Postal Service.

Last November, the USPS received approval from the Postal Regulatory Committee (PRC) to move forward with price changes for 2017, which will take effect on Sunday, January 22.

The updated pricing affects mail, including First-Class and Standard Mail rates, as well as domestic package services, like Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express®.

What changes are in store?
There are a couple of important updates to note:

First – USPS has changed the name of “Standard Mail®” to “USPS Marketing Mail™” to help more accurately reflect the purpose of product. The qualifications for this category remain the same.

Second – Not ALL prices have increased. In fact, some prices decreased, including the price for full-pay metered mail. The USPS also did away with a surcharge for additional ounces on presorted First Class letters, meaning that the cost to send a 1 ounce letter will soon be the same as the cost for a 3 ounce letter (for automation mail only). This is good news for mailers who send high volumes of multi-page documents, lengthy statements, or letters with inserts.

Additionally, where Standard Mail® saw a price jump at 3.3 ounces in previous years, the price jump for USPS Marketing Mail™ now starts after 3.5 ounces.

Below, you’ll find a quick reference table with pricing for select mail categories and classifications. You can download a printable version here, or contact us for more information. Please note that actual postage rates may vary, based on mail volume, eligible discounts and other factors or restrictions.

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